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Much of my new work is placed on-line with Facebook these days. This could include digital painting, colour and Black and white photographs. This reflects my developing change of circumstances and interests.

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Digitalsplash is the work of the photographer and artist Shane Edgar.


There is a mixture of commercial galleries and my own art. The techniques employed are completely interchangeable. The go rounds, panoramas and some of the indentures are large files and will take a while to download, especially if using a modem. I think they are worth waiting for.

My War - Life on the Home Front

This is my first attempt at book design. It came about through KingsCare League of Friends and their desire to compile a book of wartime reminiscences from patients and friends about their lives on the Home Front. This page contains the 5 interviews, subsequently broadcast by BBC Radio Devon, as mp3 files, each is in the region of 3MB but worth waiting for.

Young Cultural Creators

This was a project to create a "Virtual Book" on CD for Torbay Library Services as part of a SWMLAC funded project. The project aimed to inspire young people's reading and creativity and enable young people to explore museums and other heritage venues.

The book is on-line but at 7.7 MB it is really only suitable for broadband users to access. Traditional dial up users may find the wait is long, worth it, but long.

Torbay -

"Caught in the Web"

This is a major project funded by New Opportunities under the ENRICH UK scheme. I was very pleased to be appointed coordinator for the project by Torbay Libraries Service. Taking this link will open either a new tag or window according to how your browser is set up. There is a complete archive here containing photos, text, news clippings and a variety of games. Do enjoy as much as I did making the project.

Bell Ringing on Dartmoor

Bell ringing is a traditional practice going back centuries. Here are four churches forming part of the Aune Head Arts "Dartmoor Changes" project to record these bells.

Still life images.


I enjoy working with theatre and other arts events. These are a couple of plays at the Northcott in Exeter and the Sidmouth Folk Festival.

At the moment this consists of documents relating to a property I lived in and are a wonderful collection of indentures, agreements, wills, notifications and even an IOU for £100 going back to 1768. Please bear in mind that some of these files, especially the indentures, are quite large and may take a few minutes to download

Digital Xpress
Some of the work I have done with young peoples groups through the Villages in Action rural touring scheme.

"Creators, Family of the Moor" a mixed sculpture, photography and digital imaging project that I thought of to celebrate the millennium on Dartmoor.

The sculptures were made with a group from Aune Head Arts under the guidance of sculptor Carol Whibley.

Time and Text
A community project I instigated with a friend to celebrate life in Chudleigh at the start of the new millennium.

Future's Past
My 2000 Year of the Artist work was exhibited underground in Kents Cavern Torquay.

The Grail - A Quest

A renascent quest of a highly personal nature. The Grail is a mysterious and, often unpredictable journey. It was my first solo exhibition.

The words are by Constance Robertson.

"Footpaths and Bridleways - a New Perception"

A series of black and white images made near my home in Chudleigh. Exhibited in the (Phoenix) Art Centre, Exeter.

I have designed a number of web sites for other people often incorporating producing the photographs.

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