The Grail - A Quest
The fire of the Arthurian legend smoulders on-the flames will ignite when he returns in the hour of our greatest need.
It was on a dark and secret night when the Merlin invoked great and magical power for Uther Pendragon to slake his raging desire
The magical Avalon; island of apples, island of glass-sacred. Calling up the mists and paying homage to the goddess.
The Lady of the Lake, High Priestess of Avalon and the Great Mother. Female, sensuous and mystical.
The Pendragon King built a shining white castle for his bride, a symbol of light and hope and love. And he named it "Camelot".
And King Arthur decreed that the table be round, so that all Knights would be equal in the Brotherhood of Britain.
The Holy Grail, Sacred Chalice, the elusive reward of the Eternal Quest. Found in the hearts and minds of all who are true.
Sir Pellinore searched far and wide for many years to find a dragon. Was it really vanquished?
Guinevere and Lancelot-the ill-fated lovers lay in tremulous and tender languor.
The punishment for the great Merlin's betrayal was bewitchment and consequent imprisonment for a millennium and more. -But he only sleeps.
And the blight of despair scourged the land; no birds sang, no life flowered and grew-the desolation was complete and the light was gone.
Mordred felled his father with a mortal blow. The King sank down and relinquished his body to the earth.
Excalibur was thrown into the mist-shrouded waters. The Lady raised it once for all to see and then it was gone, taken by the guardian into the mystical depths.