"The Future's Past"

Cave Paintings
I gently surmised of a potential discovery, a long long way into the future, when space travellers may find an uninhabited planet with traces of a civilised culture, distant, gone - we know it as Earth.
This work is from my Year of the Artist project celebrating the millennium year 2000
The work was exhibited, appropriately enough, underground in Kents Cavern, Torquay - the United Kingdom's oldest heritage site.
20th C leisure man
Digital Cave Artist
When last was trod
Fun at the Fair
Life - on the go
Man the Hunter
Street Scene
Mobile phones - but does anyone listen?
Millennium Celebration
Modern Eden
The single cook
Spitfire - a winner
Don't Panic - immortal words!
Tele, tele everywhere and nothing to watch - thank goodness for romance!
Mother's Pride
Nights on the Road
Once there was a happy Gnome
Street Games
Suppose they gave a war?
Ball control
Out to Lunch or just plain cricket?
Feed a duck - Margaret's best friend!
I'm disabled - please don't ignore me!
Ah yes hallowed ground  indeed
Fishing - we once did that here!
Why oh why oh why!