"Creators - Family of the Moor"

This project was an idea I had to celebrate the millennium on Dartmoor.

Dartmoor is a wilderness, wild and beautiful. It isn't natural though, it is the result of highly developed industrial, leisure and rural farming needs over hundreds of years.

I wanted to bring together as a family the creatures that coexisted, worked, moved and lived on the moor forming it into the exciting and challenging place that we see today.

Drinking under age
Care of the Water Board
Relax the Army's here
Can I have a Chocolate Flake in mine?
Are these just for the tourist to pose?
Another step for mankind
No thanks I would rather be out here
Mica land
London Bridge has fallen down
Deep in Dingley Dell
Hey look a Tor
Des Res breakfast room
Farming today
I worked closely with Aune Head Arts in raising the funding and in the construction of the sculptures.

These were created by volunteers under the guidance of sculptor Carol Whibley.

Some of the photographs were resultant from an unusual tour to relevant places causing curiosity and laughter. The rest were made digitally by me.
The crew that had fun and still made the family!