Historic Documents

I owned the cottage and barn known as Peartree Cottage, Clifford Street Chudleigh from June 1992 until June 2003. It also served as my studio. I acquired a parcel of documents including some tenancy agreements, correspondence, an IOU and a will. Many of these documents relate to the history, alterations and well-being of the cottage.

As time permits I will be exploring and developing an illustrated history of the cottage including transcripts of the less easily read documents.

This page also serves to demonstrate archival quality copying. The originals are preserved as .tiff files before being optimised for web use.

An indenture dated 27 September 1800. An Indenture from 1800 A very early tenancy agreement dated September 1800. An Agreement from 1800
A notification over the arbitration of a boundary wall dated October 1885. Arbitration notification Last thoughts
An IOU for one hundred pounds (£100:00) from Stephen Truman, Butcher, to A Friendly Society based in the Ship Inn, Clifford Street, Chudleigh. IOU  £100 Notice to quit served on William Tucker signed Charles Yolland and Mrs Symond (?) dated 4th March 1885. Notice to quit

Chudleigh, a small market town in Devon suffered a catastrophic fire in 1807. Much of the town was burnt to a complete ruin. 47 Clifford Street (or Mill Lane as it was) fortunately had a garden area (where the small chapel stands), this acted as a firebreak.

This policy was made out to George Wills on the 17th January 1854.

Fire Insurance Registered postal packet to S Payne Esq. 47 Clifford Street Chudleigh from Atlas Assurance and Phoenix Assurance.

Registered package

An envelope (hand folded?) addressed to:

Mr IJH Saunders, agent for the Phoenix Fire Office at Chudleigh.

Hand made envelope Registered package back

Page one of a will, written by Elizabeth Chudleigh dated 1768.

At the time there lived a notorious courtesan by the name Elizabeth Chudleigh She had an eventful life being arraigned in the Star Chamber of Parliament for being bigamously married to the Earl of Bristol and a Duke. Is this will written by the same person? I do not know, but it is interesting to speculate.

Part 1 Elizabeth Chudleigh's will 1768 Page two of the will. Part 2 Elizabeth Chudleigh's will 1768